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Tantra & Tantric Massage Resource full of information on Tantra. Tantric practices include Kundalini & Kriya Yoga, Meditations, Mantra,Yantra, & massage to help achieve deep relaxation & a blissfull state of mind. There are contacts here for the 'Right Hand' Spiritual White Tantra path but the site currently focuses on the 'Left Hand' Red Tantra sensual path and Tantric Massage. There is a Black Tantra path which is not covered in this site. There is now a free members section not suitable for minors. Editorial contribution is welcome from members.



Ever dared to enjoy the forbidden pleasures of a Tantric Sensual Awakening Massage ???....Soft towels, flickering candlelight, tones full of eastern promise. Feel the gentle caress of firm hands flowing across your gentle curves as you surrender into a deep blissful state anticipating the flood of ecstacy that is to follow. This is a sensual & relaxing experience that allows a woman to release stress, tension & rediscover love, intimacy and her true self. If you'd like to take your love life to a much higher level, well now you can.

Yoni Massage is for women and Lingam Massage is for men 

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